Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Very First Blog...

Aiyoh.... nowadays everybody oso have blog. If don't have mah lose out loh... So I created an account to see if bloggin is fun and worth the trouble to keep postin and updatin ur blog fr time to time... Exam's just over for me so I do have extra time allowing me to blog. Most probably no one will read mine but it's ok. I just blog for fun. Its more like a diary to me. Seems like lots of people have their own blog. Some, when I read their blog. I have no idea what is the blog blogging about....hehe. Is the usage of blogging and blog correct? Nah, that would be the least of my concern. If anybody happen to come across this blog, let me say welcome and hope you enjoy reading my blog.
~This blog however is more suited to Malaysian and Singapore readers as the slang and local culture depicted in this blog will be incomprehensible for readers elsewhere~