Monday, April 30, 2007

Home at last~!

Bye-bye KL and I'll see you in July~!
Finally, my excruciating exam has finish and the first thing I do was packing my stuffs and headed back to my sweet abode. Penang, here I come~!

Now I am posting in the comfort of my own home in Penang. Nothing beats your home. Ah....How nice~!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Long Live Malaysia~!

Actually I planned to blog after my exam but I came across this funny clip courtesy by my cousin, SL. So I decided to post it up.

By the way, Singaporeans, what they say about you is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Ahahaha.

This clip may joke about some ppl. If you happen to think you're being criticised, don't 'tulan' ok?

The author say he write this song for fun and don't 'tulan' him. Haha.
He'll remind you if you wana listen, don't tulan at the beginning of the clip again. Hahah.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Latest Secondary School

If you want to open a

Private Secondary School

to make a quick buck
but you can't afford a
piece of land in Bolehland,

what do you do?







You open it amongst a row of shoplots like a tuition centre.

Just like this.

Sure looks to me like Ghee Tuition Centre (Penangites will know) save for the big sekolah menengah signboard

Talking about unscrupulous businessmen trying to make a quick buck out of parents who want the best for their child, huh? Well, tuition centres are already the passing trend.

The new trend?

This is it.

BTW, I don't think its a good choice for your child's promising future.

More photos of the Kedai Sekolah Menengah. Stupid wira was blocking my view in one of the photos though.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ladies, please mind your 'cleavage'~!

Recently I was eating at SS2 Wai Sik Kai, when I saw a woman showing off her cleavage. I nearly regurgitate yesterday's remains in my stomach. Luckily my swift action to change table avoided this incident. No I am not gay. And yes I am loyal to my gf but not until I'll vomit at the sight of other girls showing their cleavages. After all they berani show, we berani see. I do like looking at cleavages, but not those kind lah.

You'll get what I mean.
Scroll down for a view of her cleavages
Some more

That siao poh is showing off her ass cleavage when I am in the midst of enjoying my bowl of nice curry laksa. Damn~! That sight spoilt everything. I quickly changed my place so that my badly affected appetite do not get any worse.

Wearing your undies high up and your jeans low down so that people can see you are wearing Calvin Klein is already very 'cheap' dee la. Do you have to resort to this ah? I hope this lady will learn to take care of other people's appetite feelings and never ever show your unsightly 'cleavage' especially in eateries. Please let people enjoy their food peacefully since they couldn't be possibly be enjoying the sight if your cleavages. And wear your pants like it is meant to be worn. Sia Sui oni.

Thanks but no thanks ma'am.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Siao ah~! Blogger Gotta Register?

Nowadays even bloggers have to register to prevent them from spreading malicious content. For those hosting on blogspot or other domain, they don't have control over it oso la. If they only can regulate those domain then what's the point? There'll still be people spreading malicious content over other domain which the govt doesn't have any control over.

E-mail also can spread malicious content, does that mean all people who have e-mail account with yahoo, gmail oso have to register???

You have already controlled all the newspaper and magazines already. Leave some personal space for us to voice our thoughts ok?

Oh yeah, nearly forgotten.
*Disclaimer: This post is merely my own personal views and opinion, and by no means of any insult or spreading malicious content to any party. Any party who shares the same opinion like me is merely coincidental and not intended.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

5 things you never knew about Normanism

I got tagged by Chen Seng, so guys here it is.


I don't like plants just like Chen Seng. My parents filled up the my house garden just to turn it into a jungle. If my house compound ever got any bigger, it'll turned into a forest. They acquire more and more plants as time goes by and the plants also grow bigger and bigger. I can't understand why parents like plants so much. Chen Seng is lucky only to have more mosquito during the night. We found a mini snake in their mini forest somewhere last year. Ever since then, they cut down on plants already. Thank God.


As much as I love driving, I hate driving. I do love driving, when it is a highway or just some exciting drive. So to be exact, I hate driving people around. Whenever I am back in Penang, my mom'll force me to drive her and my sis around. My mom says she drove me a lot when I was small so I had to return the favour. So what choice do I have?


I am very close to my sisters. Despite having the age gap, we tell each other almost everything. I am as childish as my youngest sister but my other younger sister is sometimes even more mature than me. I can't imagine what my life will be without them. I am glad that my relationship with them is a lot closer than most siblings. There you go, sis. This entry is dedicated to you. Thanks for everything.


I never thought of starting a relationship before Uni after a crush went wrong in F4. I met WT through an outing with group of friends(Jason went too) in F4 but did not even keep any contact with her after that. Till after F5 when I work in BJ, I saw her (can't believe I still recognise her). So I asked a mutual friend for her ICQ (it was the in thing before MSN), from there we chatted, become friends and went out. She just swept me off my feet. Hehe. I decided to be more than friends with her cos it is hard to find someone who is compatible with you and like you as well as you like her.


I love to sing. I'll to Red Box if I can find someone to go with me. I can sing for hours. One time, I sang for 7 hour in non-stop with WT in Red Box, The Curve. I don't know why I love singing so much. But it is a good way to relieve stress. I think I'll go for the 7 hour singing marathon after this time's exam.

So now you know my secrets. So 'Wa ka lu kong, lu mai ka lang kong' OK?

ps: Thx Chen Seng for the tag.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Proton Saga had a go with a Honda Accord

Dear relatives and friends, don't flame me after reading this post.Actually I've been hesitating to post about this incident or not. I scared if my relatives or WT read about this, I have to face endless "Heavy Metal" music.

I was following my uncle back to Penang last Sat. So I had to drive to his house at 8am to park my car there and follow him to Penang. He lives in Bandar Sri Damansara. Normally it'll take me around 25-35mins to reach his house from UM.
Anyway last Sat was a public holiday and the road was all clear. So there I was crusing so shiok and happily at 110km/h on LDP. The speed limit is 80km/h oni. Then a 1994 Honda Accord came by.

The car this model 1... As Ah Beng as this one oso

He was flashing and tailgating dangerously close to my car. I cant move to the left cos the cars in the left are like travelling at 50-60km/h. If I go to the left lane, sure have to brake gila-gila. So I increase my speed till 130km/h but dat fella still tailgating wor. Luckily after that, there's plenty of space in the left lane. Then I moved aside but he horn me kuat-kuat and sped away wor. So I mah beh shiok dee oso la. But nevermind.

We meet again at the LDP toll gate. That poor fella dun have touch and go wor. So he gotta Q up. When I reach the Touch and Go toll, he was just paying cash. So I mah laugh quietly to myself. I knew he oso beh shiok see me drive slower than him yet caught up with him at the toll. So I reckoned after the toll, he sure accelerate like crazy 1.

Reali he accelerate like crazy, the exhaust oso gila loud. So I oso accelerate at the same time la just to see how the performance of my car goes against those heavily modified Accord. I decided not to strained my engine too much so I changed gear at 5000rpm only instead of the maximum 6300rpm. He tried to pull away from my car but my car's still running side by side with his car. Then I look at him and he look at me. I thought he'd be very pissed of or mad at me. But the facial expression is the one with the puzzled look. He was wondering how come a 1.3 Saga can accelerate as fast as a 2.2 VTEC Accord, I guess. Then we reached 100kmph and he tried very hard to overtake me so I let him overtake cos my turning arrive dee.

Till now I also cant believe my car did it~! But I think mostly is because his car cacat osola. I think he's is a Auto (Auto loses to a Manual), he change the exhaust (Loud exhaust makes your car lose power), his engine old dee (my car's 11 yrs younger than his), his car is a heavy car (But he already have a larger 2.2litre engine).

Even though my car did not manage to outrun his, but I am happy that my car can accelerate as fast as his knowing that he modded his car extensively and it is a 2.2l VTEC Accord.

Oh, by the way, I've reached my uncle's house in less than 15 min instead of the usual 25-35min when it is not a public holiday.

ps: Don't flame me. I won't do it again...*Pulling my own ears*