Saturday, June 09, 2007

The TVB Formula

Have you ever notice there are some things in a TVB series will ALWAYS happen, and ALWAYS happened in some way? Well, the following statements I am sharing with you is to put those most-likely-to-happen-things into a formula, which I called the TVB formula...

Formula # 01: The couples will most likely to go through the following stages to form an excellent relationship:Enemies who hate each other --> Realized misunderstood each other --> Become great friends who support each other --> Begin to have feelings for one another --> Falling in love together

Formula # 02: The break ups The couples will have at least one break up, and then get back together. For the ones who will not get back together, the most repeative reason is: You and I just don't fit, and I am in love with someone else, sorry...

Formula # 03: Leading actress and a supporting actor If the lead actress is going to marry a supporting guy, it is often not successful, and the lead actor will most likely to go to her wedding and fight her back

Formula # 04: The third factor There will always and always someone in between the couple. Most of the time, two brothers/sisters (or two best friends) will falling love with the same girl/guy

Formula # 05: The deadly disease If the guy or the girl had a deadly disease, he or she will most likely to hide it from the other person. Or, just make up some stupid reason to break up with the other person

Formula # 06: The gifts The first gift a lead actor gave to a lead actress is always something stupid, cheap, but memorable

Formula # 07: Supporting actress and a leading actor If a supporting actress is in love with the lead actor, no such luck for her, the lead actor is only going to treat her as his little sister. If she is lucky enough, she will found someone else, who is always there for her, take care of her, willing to marry her. If she is unlucky enough, she will die or vanish because of the lead actor

Formula # 08: Two actress and an actor Two girls in love with one man, in ancient times, they might all get together. In modern times, one is going to die or marry someone else, or just left

Formula # 09: The look alike There will be a possible someone else who looks just like the lead actress or actor

Formula # 10: The airport This is the place where the lead actor FINALLY realized how important the lead actress is to him

Formula # 11: To get the lead actor's love If the lead actress is in love with the lead actor, but he is in love with someone else, the lead actress will most likely to help the lead actor and that someone else to be together. However, it will not succeed, and the lead actor will realized he does not love that someone else, but in love with the lead actress, what a great way to get a guy! But, don't try this at home, this only happens in a TV series!

Formula # 12: Lost memory and stay in coma Often times, there will always be someone who lost his or her memory, so that he or she will totally forgot their love ones. The love affair has to start all over again, but he or she will recover their memory somehow, so please do not gave up! Other times, someone is going to hit by a car, and stay in coma forever, who knows when he or she will wake up, but please be patient, they will wake up!

Formula # 13: Breaking Legs When the female and the male goes out, if the female's leg was hurt, the male will carry her, then they will like each other.


Formula # 14: The Cliff When you fall from the mountain or cliff, you will never die!

Formula # 15: The Rain When you are waiting for someone, it always rain!

Formula # 16: Who's my parents? A lot of time, you have no idea who your parents are.


Formula # 17: Always good at the beginning Most villains do not born with cold blood, there will be something or someone turns them mad and drives them crazy. So, they blame on that something or someone for their behavior

Formula # 18: The brothers If you are a guy, and you got a brother, better watch out! He will most likely to become a villain, because he hates you, he thinks you get everything he is suppose to get!

Formula # 19: The best friends Best friends don't last longer, be careful about your love affair, don't get your best friend's boyfriend. He or she will be very mad at you, and come to hurt you!

Formula # 20: Bad endings If the villains died, they don't die good, their death scenes are not memorable. If they did not die, they are most likely to go to jail, and become a better man.


Formula # 21: There are more than 40 episodes

Formula # 22: Stupid beginning Basically, most of the long series have a really dragging beginning, all the love relationships are messed up. Everything seems to be stupid, then, all the sudden, the real story begins

Formula # 23: The turning point Whenever someone becomes a hateful villain, that makes the whole series more and more interesting, and grab everyone's attention, "hmm... this series rocks"

Formula # 24: Death scenes Yes, you will see lots of people die, one after another, get use to it

Formula # 25: Stupid ending They either end the series with too many people in it, or only has the leading actor and leading actress in it. Most of the endings are stupid, which you will hate.

adapted from TVBsquare

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My part-time job...

This holiday I found myself a part-time job at Kettler, Queensbay Mall. Usually I don't work during holidays, but this time my car got kissed, see previous post so I gotta work my ass off for it (literally la, I won't have my ass working for anything).

Anyhow, I gained lots of fun and joy, endured lots of hardship, made loads of new friends and earned lots of praises from my relatives from working.

My workplace, mainly selling gym and fitness equipments and accessories.

I got to know Krishna Majee from Nepal when I worked there. It was Lynda's friend, I got to know him through Lynda. He's a extremely friendly and talkative person.

From left, my superior, Mr. Alex Lee, my colleague, Lynda and myself.

Same arrangement, different setting oni.

I'll play with the equipment when I see no customer coming.
Also on the treadmill....
On the cycle....

My colleague Lynda is a chubby funny girl. She's always very jovial. She made my 8 hours of work passed like 80 minutes. Alas, she works from 6.00pm-10.30pm only because she had to attend college. Speaking of hardship, I am glad I don't have to work and study at the same time but there are also people who don't have to work during holiday, how song like Chen Seng.

Kettler and Sun Paradise in Queensbay are under the same mother company, Trend Masters. So from there I got to know some very good friends like Kit May, Sin Yee, and Lu Nee aka Looney from Sun Paradise. Looks like I gained a lot from working also, huh?

Kit May not here when I took the photo.

The place where I always have my meal. Can't eat in Queensbay, or else I'll end up eating up all my wages.

The game (Free Cell) I always play when boring and no customer.

The place I always visit if I still have time after my meal.

My personal entertainer when I am bored.

She never fail to brighten my day up.

Thanks Lynda~!

Trip To Sg. Kob for Seafood with WT's Parents

Several weeks ago, I went to Sg. Kob for seafood with WT's parents. It was a nice experience. Sg. Kob is located around 20-25km from Kulim. We had mostly fish because it was famous for that.

The restaurant had a picturesque scene from at the end of the restaurant. Its calm surrounding combined with the nice scenery are sure to make your heart melt before you even taste the fish.

Speaking of fish, the place is famous for the freshness of its fishes and its ultra-cheap price.

I've posted pictures of the restaurant, its pricing, and the photos I shot when I was there.

The scenery is a sight to behold

The place is suspended on the lake itself.

The pricing
This place had been featured in newspaper before.