Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Short Trip Long Post

I receive a call from Uncle JJ asking me whether I want to go back to Penang on Saturday Morning and return to KL Sunday Afternoon. When I received his call on Fri nite, I was on LDP, going to Sunway Pyramid for Hartz Chicken Buffet. I'll get to the buffet part next post.
By the way, WT has been pestering me for the buffet. Luckily I decided to bring her on Fri. If not, I'll have to break my promise cos I decided to go back Penang even though its just 24 hours in Penang. Quote Uncle JJ, "Nothing beats going back to your hometown. As tired as it may seem physically, in reality its an ultimate mental recharge".
So he can drive all the way from KL to Penang and return the next day. I don't think I can do the same. But come on, he drives a Nissan X-trail 2.5l which cruise like a silk on highway and I drive my lousy Saga which makes my journey feel twice as long. When I reach Penang, my body usually "see sua" and ache like hell 1. Since I don't have to drive, I don't mind following. Uncle JJ has been very good to me. Everytime he wana go back to Penang, he sure ask me 1. Thanks a lot. I appreciated it a lot. If you're somehow reading this.

Perak State Govt, please do something to the eyesore. Everytime I passed Perak, it isn't picturesque mountain scenery that greeted my fatigue eyes, but its the deformed and hideous ugly hill that made me feel sorry.

I've passed thru this tunnel umpteen times but this time I got an awakening or enlightening when thru. Just like the tunnel, dark, scary and long. There'll always be light at the end of it.

" It doesn't matter if you going through some tough times, just persevere and be strong. Just like the light at the end of the tunnel, good times are just ahead."

Just like my journey to Penang, though it may seem long and never reaching.

Finally, we reached our Home Sweet Home~!

Then Uncle JJ wants to go to Lorong Selamat for the Char Koay Teow. The last time I went there was couple of lightyears ago. And the price was about RM4.00 already. Dat fella oso damn 'tau' 1. I still remembered at the back of my head what she said when I ask, "Ai tan koo oh?" (Is the waiting long?") She replied, "Ai tan, tan, beh tan, mian chiak". (Wait if you can wait, if you can't wait then no need to eat)

Its like that 1 la, my mom said. People "kia oon" ma (lady luck on her side). Now after several years, looks like the table hasn't turned yet. She still so "kia oon". Now even worse, people have to queue up for the Char Koay Teow.

Last time, it was served. Only if there's a of customer and you can't wait, you can opt for self-service. Now its all out self-service dee...

Look at the people making a bee-line for just a plate of Char Koay Teow. Haiz~!

Uncle JJ's one of them. Hehe~!

The 'tau' lady who 'kia oon' 1 loh. As a matter of fact, she's quite clever. She knows she 'kia oon' now, so she 'jual mahal' not only by her Koay Teow's price, but oso her 'tau' attitude.

The koay teow sure looks good it this pic isn't it?

But having a closer look reveals that she's frying several plates at a go. A good but not-so-famous Char Koay Teow seller once told me, " The most plate of Char Koay Teow you can fry at the same time is 2 plates. Any more, the taste will deteriorate." This means that if anyone of you out there who feels Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow is the best food on Earth, it'll be angel's food if she were to fry less plates of it at one go.

The finished product.... I personally think, it tasted and smelled and even look the same like other RM3.00 fried koay teow. Of course, you guys are entitled to your own opinion should you decide that you don't share mine.

The Koay Teow is nothing special save for this 3 prawns. And this size of prawns I can easily have at other stall for RM3.50 per plate. If you observe, most people eating there are outstation people. Locals won't even come near.

This plate of crap sells for RM5.00 (without egg), RM5.50 (with egg) and RM7.50 (egg with extra ingredient). Can you believe it? Sadly, some people even tell me, its good because it is expensive. What logic is that? Those people who form baseless opinion like this are the same type of people who spent RM80+k to buy a Smart Stupid ForTwo.

24 hours is just like a blink of an eye. And I have to leave dee...

And I have a hunch that the sky is as sad as I am to leave Penang.

True enough, it rained soon enough, and rather heavily, just like my heavy heart. (Pun intended)

And as I go further from Penang, it rained even more heavily as though He was equally sad that I had to leave for KL. Hehe. Visibility was the worst I've ever seen. In which you can only see 10 metres ahead. See photo. At last, I reached KL at 10.30pm.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Nihongo is Scary~!

Wen Ting, where art thou? I've just studied Preliminary Japanese for a few days and the lecturer will hold a test in a few days time.

I have to memorise the entire Hiragana table ah... See below la. You say "siao or not"?

Well, that's not the end of it.

The Hiragana

After Hiragana, comes pulak the Katakana, I don't understand why they have two sets of writing with the same pronunciation... Luckily my lecturer say we don't need to study how to write Kanji, but must know how to recognise wor.... Sigh~

He say he give us the "Romaji" and ask us to write out the Hiragana wor. Now die dee la. Gotta study until like "siao lang" dee...

Who ask me "Kah Chui Hiao" go and take Japanese. In fact got another course very easy one, but a lot of ppl brain-washed me say Japanese useful when go out to work wor... So I ma take lor. One of them is my cousin, she's also from UM one, last time. She claimed her coursemate is now the CEO of some Jap company here partly because he knows Japanese.

So I started thinking if I were to go for an Interview for a high post in a Jap company but they turned me down because I don't know Japanese hehe, or Nihongo, "mah gai". Is not that you don't know they are very patriotic, arrogant and refuse to converse in any other language except theirs even they can?

My roommate asked me to take Korean instead of Japanese. When I asked him why, guess what he replied?

He say now Korean Drama more popular compared to Japanese Drama wor....So if you know Korean, you mah can understand what the drama talking about loh. Swt...

I feel like telling him, "Hello? I did not study Japanese just to watch Japanese Drama or Japanese Horror Flicks".

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Reunion Before New Sem Starts

Yesterday, I went for a Reunion Outing with those ex-PFS guys and girls. Initially we planned to go Old Town at E-Gate but that place is so damn packed and we still have just 1 hour prior to closing time.
God knows why they must 'kam tiam' at 12.00am. So we ended up at Khalleel. All the photo's are mostly candids except the last photo. Who ask you guys dun wana post for me? Pardon me about Look at the captions.
Jason: Jan, I think my fingernails are chipped. Damn~! I just had them manicured yesterday.
Jan: What? Tell me you don't mean the RM150 manicure that you did yesterday?
Jason: What to do ah?
Jan: Put some nail polish over it lo. It'll cover it up. Next time you must be careful with your nails when you just had it manicured.

Chen Seng: Isn't it that way to the toilet or this?

Carol: Brrr, speaking of toilet I need a leak too.

Hey Dawson, that shirt of yours looks like some mamak stall's uniform.

Is it Kassim Mustafa..... or is it Pelita?...LOL

Carol busy meddling with the digital camera.

Lin Yun, stop laughing like a girl.

Since when you laugh with your hand held against your mouth. OMG, you changed a lot ever since you left for Ukraine. So tell me do Ukrainian guys laugh like that? LoL..

Chen Seng: So you think you can shoot? I also can.

Carol's trying to chomp down a big piece of Murtabak. Trying to put on some weight ya?

Gee, Jan stop laughing like that. Bet Lin Yun takes it after you.

Cheau Yuaan and Carol lost weight dee....

Jason: No camera please, my client is emotionally disturbed.

Chun Hoong: Jason, you better win the case for me. I don't want to end up in jail for stealing public grass to eat.

Chen Seng: Yeah that's right. Put you hand around her waist.

Wait...that's not her waist, her waist is further down.

Jonathan: What you want? Anything you can do for me?


A group photo minus Jan, Cheau and Carol. Who ask them go so long?

p.s. To a friend of mine: Not all PFS guys are like that. Though I don't know what you mean by bad but I am most certainly not. LOL. And I am seriously not. Hehe.

A Trip to USM....~!

Believe it or not, I've never gotten a tour to USM until yesterday my old fren cum god-sis brought me round USM for sight-seeing. We went for lunch at Sg. Dua Pizza Hut then I wanted to go somewhere else but she can't. She had to be in USM later for course registering so she suggested that bringing me to USM for a visit.

Then there I was taking a picture of the serene lake.

But then she found out and she thought I was trying to take her photo.

And I ended up with this. How could I say no to this obssessive and compulsive cam-whorer.

USM's scenery is better than that of UM ler, ei not that UM has scenery also. Oh yes, expect Lembah Maksiat hahaha, but that oso not very nice only. Overlooking some highways only, some people claimed that you can see Genting Highlands from there. I doubt that....If that is true, you could view Gunung Jerai from USM also hahaha.

Much to my surprise, she makes a good tour guide. Wen Ting, maybe you should consider tour guiding as a second career.

Then I was trying to take a picture of her driving and she caught me again.
She stopped the car and you know the rest la.

There you go, the picture she claimed she looked very kawaii-ne in it.

Lady luck was right on her shoulder as I didn't puke all the soup, garlic bread, speghettis, and pizza in her car right away?

A view of The Ivory from the hostel.

Wen Ting's Johorian friend from Segamat

Wished I could stay here~! (Wishful thinking~~)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thanks Siao Poh~!

Hey, Lunaticgal thanks for the header and the tower banner.
Wana chia you tea you don't want. So I put up this post to thank you as promised.

You were right, your creation does feel in place with

the black and white theme of my blog.

Previous one not so nice

So when you wana pass your photoshop skills to me ah?

Gotta pay a little tuition fee oso I don't mind.

Oh, by the way, she's still single.

Any takers? Very fun girl, and cute. Oh yeah, she's a gadget freak.

Make sure you get her I-Pod, Canon EOS400D,

Dopod 838 Pro, or Sony Vaio Notebookon your first date.

Lu Nee, that's the least I can do for you after what you've done for me.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Goodbye everyone~! & Happy Birthday Wen Ting~!

Time really flies when you are having fun. These are the colleagues that made my life more live-a-ble when I worked at Kettler.
Lynda is chatty and can talk to you almost about anything. Hell, you can sometimes forgot she's a girl and talk about men stuff with her. No offence Lynda, that shows that you're good enough to talk about any topic under the sky.

Auntie's culinary skills is exceptional. Seriously, I have no idea why you're working in Sun Paradise. You should be opening a cafe or something if you are reading this. The two 'Bak Chang' that you gave me is one of the best I ever tasted for as long as I could remember. Even though I have no chance to work under you,you never failed to melt my heart with your warm hospitality. So do tell me if you finally decide to employ male employee at Sun Paradise. I want to help the 'leng lui's with their bikinis. Hehe.

May is a weird girl. I never manage to catch a shot with her before she left. Sin Yee said she'll never go out at night but yet she told me she doesn't sleep early. Guess her mom won't let or something. Anyway she's already in UM and maybe we can go out sometime, and this I am gonna get you on my digicam. Hmmph.

How nice if I can work with you guys at Sun Paradise?
Hahaha, It'll be a paradise for me, selling bikinis and stuffs.
Sin Yee never fails to brighten your day up. Even if she is not talking to you. Her laughter is more than enough to change your sky from the dull cloudy day to a clear blue sky. Do tell me about your campus life in UPM when we go out in KL.

Sorry Lu Nee, I know you look ugly in this pic but this is the only pic the two of us ever took.
Lu Nee is the quiet one. She'll only talk occasionally. Like me, she needs time to know a person before she can get friendly to him/her. But she never fail to amused me with her choice of word. I never got to go on an outing with her though. If she's not working, she's got tonnes of friends to entertain. Anyway the rest of the gang are also not in Penang already. Maybe we can go out when the rest of us come back.
Hey 'siao poh', you lucky la, can study in USM, so near your house.

Hey, congrats on your entry to UPM. Hope you enjoy the campus life there.

May's suppose to come out with us. But she flew us aeroplane lah.....
not that she hasn't got a valid reason, she was sick that day.

May, maybe we can go out when Sin Yee finally know how to get to Midvalley. Hehe.

Not forgetting, my superior Daniel, Alex, and my newfound colleague, Kumar. A very big thank you to all of you which made working a lot more fun and a pleasant experience.


Happy Birthday Wen Ting~!

Hey, Happy Birthday sis.
I think we've known each other just a few years shy of 10 years dee rite?
Gosh, I sound old saying that. Anyway, Happy 22nd Birthday and hope you had a great time this birthday.
May all your wishes made on this day come true.

p.s.: I'll give you your prezzies when we meet sometime this week, OK?