Monday, August 20, 2007

Down The Memory Lane....

Hey, let me introduce you to these nostalgic photos. They are a sight to behold.

My Grandmother's Younger Sister and her husband.

My grandmother's younger brother(deceased) and his wife.

My grandmother is in the photo. Heck, I can't even point her out. (I think she's the one sitting, 2nd from left. Am I correct grandma?)

That's what grandma looks like nowadays.

That's how grandma looked like some 20 years ago. I know what are you thinking and no, it isn't of 5XMom, its my grandma ok?

And finally, that's what grandma looked like some 50 years ago.

Amazing, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hartz Chicken Buffet

Hey umm, sorry guys. I know its been a while since my last post. But believe it or not, my life has been kinda like "Yat Po Mei Theng, Yat Po Yau Hei" (One obstacle yet to be over, the other obstacle has just started).

First is my tests, I got lots of test under my sleeves. Then is my salary. Believe it or not, I worked part-time in June and I've yet to get my salary as of today. Well, thanks to you, DK, and don't promise to bank in the cheque for me if you don't intend on keeping the promise. Damn, I just can't understand how a simple thing such as banking in a cheque to my bank account can take up to a few weeks time. Worse till, when I call him, he refused to answer my calls. This is so getting on my nerves. Third is my notebook, there's something wrong with it. I've sent it to HP service centre. Alright, I'll get on with the post. No point ranting. I'll deal with it later.

See the logo at the top of my post. Well, that's Hartz Chicken Buffet. Before I returned to Penang the other day, WT had asked me to bring her there. Oh did I mention, WT loves buffet. She's like a buffet-goddess LOL. There, I've mentioned it. We've been to lots of buffet. Hartz, 12 Bangsar restaurants(actually its a promotion offer, you pay RM28 and you get to sample buffet from 12 restaurants in Bangsar within 4 hours), Marche Movenpick (I'll leave that for my subsequent post), and etc.

It was quite an untimely visit as most of the soft-drinks were out of stock that day. Darn~!

And notice that the sink has no tap? I had to scoop the water from the bucket beside the sink. WTF~!??

WT loves Hartz, she loves the fried chicken and the ice-cream most. Frankly speaking I feel that the fried chicken is comparable to KFC and well as the ice-cream to McDonald's vanilla sundae.

But WT begs to differ, she say the spicy fried chicken is even better than KFC's Hot and Spicy. (WT, you sure you don't wana correct your statement? LOL)

I had 7 pieces of chicken, lots of side dishes, salad etc. WT had only 4 pieces but she downed quite a massive amount of ice-cream.

The buffet spread. (Salad / cold dishes section)

Main dishes buffet spread

Fried stuffs buffet spread.

Stuffs we ate. Pictures are a bit dark. Sorry I got the Exposure Compensation Value wrongly set.

The potato products are yummy.

They even have roast chicken, fish fingers, tempura etc.

Just the beginning......

Mirror image.....

Last but not least, its a great place to visit if you love chicken products. Course they have other stuffs but its predominantly chicken. We used to visit the branch in Berjaya Time Square until we found out that the Sunway Pyramid branch actually charges RM2 cheaper than BTS branch. The price used to be RM13.90++ for Sunway but now its RM17.90++ already. Nonetheless it still drives a hard bargain for those who enjoy eating chicken.

So what's next? Well it depends on WT, seems that she's keen on the Italiannies Pasta Buffet and the Shogun Japanese Buffet. Me? Nah, I am not very keen on buffet. The more I frequent the more inches I add to my waist.