Thursday, September 27, 2007

Marche Movenpick-2

You should really try the rosti. It is delicious.

We 'sapu' the chocolate mean for the fondue back to our table to eat with the brownie. Yummie~!

I left out this during my last post.

The Bill~! Self-explanatory.

You can walk around taking what you want to eat after this is placed on your table.

Chocolate Fondue lah. What else?

Some crepe with chocolate powder on top. Quite nice. Sorta like tiramisu.

This picture does not do much justice to the mushroom soup. Trust me when I say it is the best I've ever tasted throughout my whole life. The 'sifu' revealed to me that only the best Shit-ake shitake mushroom are used in the preparation of this soup.

And the bread to go with the soup. Just simply perfect~!

And this is rosti. It tasted so good that we had 3 plates of it despite it was just potatoes.

The tiger prawns and mussels were very fresh too....

Lamb stew....Only for those who can 'tahan' the lamb smell.


Grilled Salmon with rosti. I had 3 pieces of salmon. WT had 2. Very fresh....

Chocolate brownie. Taste superb when we took the chocolate from the fondue and poured it all over the brownie.

The appetiser....

You should try the stir-fried mushrooms.

Beef and steak.

Lamb chop with mushroom sauce

And lastly, the tempura fingers.

Oh by the way, the prohibit taking of pictures around the restaurant. I took those pictures in the restaurant stealthily. But you can take picture of the food on your table though.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marche Movenpick-1

As promised sometime ago, I promised to post my trip to Marche with WT. Marche is a Swiss restaurant which looks like our hawker stall inside except the food is of different kind. On normal days(non buffet days) they'll give you a card. They'll put a stamp on the card when you order something at the stall. At the end of the day, they'll charge you on what you eat based on the stamps on the card. Just don't lose the card. The penalty charge for losing the card or so called passport is hefty. OK so where were we? Ya, initially I don't want to go as the food is expensive. But WT was keen. So after taking a few looks on the food. It appeared it was worth the price. Well how much is it?

Its RM38.88 per pax. Its all you can eat though. If you decide to go on other days except Tuesday, it is not a buffet and I doubt when you have had your whole course, the price would just come out to be just about the same or rather, the same. Therefore we decided to go for buffet on Tuesday.

You have pizza over there. All sorts. There's the pizza 'sifu' making the pizza and serve it to you oven hot.

Then there's seafood. Mussels, snowfish, tiger prawns, salmons etc.

I had a lot of salmons though.

The only catch is they don't provide free flow drinks. You would have to purchase them with normal price. Well, unless you can eat and eat without drinking, there's no way you could do away with ordering drinks. Fruit drinks are priced at around RM7-9++. But you get a big glass of pure fruit juice, unadultrated with 'sky juice'. Hahaha.

If you really really decide not to order any drinks. Here's some tips, salad and fruits are free for you to quench your thirst but you risk filling up your stomach with those insoluble fibre taking up precious little space of your stomach.

Don't get it? It means you risk the condition of "So much yummy food, so little stomach"

Environment and ambience is good. Like a little market place in Switzerland.

There's plenty of yummy food for those who are into eating.

They even display out the vegetables and stuffs they use to cook. They only use the good and nice one so much so that it looks fake.

The food and environment is well worth the RM38.88++ you spend but just don't calculate how many plates of Sec17 RM2.80 economy rice you can eat with RM38.88++, or how many days will RM38.88++ last you if you were to spend it on Sec17 RM2.80 economy rice.

I'll post more about the food in the next post.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Vanessa~!

Wei, Happy 17th Birthday~!!!

Big girl dee, dun always sleep only.... hehehe

May all your wishes made on 5th September 2007 come true....
especially if the wishes is about the well-being of me scoring 10A1s. hehehe

Anyway I regret I cannot come home to celebrate with you, but its ok. I have came back during merdeka and you'll be having your exam on your birthday anyway. So I guess that just even out.

Last but not least enjoy your.....
17th Birthday~!
and the exams too....hehehe