Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ipoh Gila Makan Day

On the way back last study break, I went to Ipoh with WT and Chi Lin. Stopped at Nam Heong and Thean Chun for food. Went to Ipoh Parade also....

The Makers of Old Town Kopitiam

The other 2 famous white coffee shop in Ipoh

Nam Heong's White Coffee

Food is so-so only....

See Nam Heong behind?

Thean Chun's food is better though....

The famous egg custard

The house of mirror.... Thean Chun

Kong Heng's famous satay. Kong Heng's closed that day but the satay stall is open.

Thean Chun's must-try Kai Si Hor Fun.... Super smooth the koay teow

See why it is called house of mirror....

WT is enjoying her egg custard gila-gila...

Close-up view of the egg custard.

That's all...I don't wanna get you guys drooling in front of the PC and drench the keyboard.