Friday, February 01, 2008

When do we stop running away.....?

Only days did my sister vent her frustration over the phone. Apparently her friend was the cause of her frustration. Her friend had ask her about a senior in school. My sis was befuddled as to what her friend did all this years in school. She bet her friend had been sleeping in school all these years cos her friend did not know about the senior. I said come on.... Its normal if you don't know some of your seniors in school. Its not like we ought to know everyone in school, right?

She replied, "No, it isn't. Not if she's someone outstanding in your school." As I am getting curious about where this is leading, I said "How outstanding?" She said the senior was the Captain of Swimming Club, won numerous medals while at it backstroke and freestyle. Champion of the cross country run in her school etc etc. Before she could continue, I interrupted, "Then she must be so-so in her studies." She replied,"No, she was in 5 Science1 (the best science class) and not only that, she was also holding some position in the orchestra club." An impression of a nerdy girl quickly formed in mind. And she continued with strings of praises for her and said she never saw her in a bad mood or unhappy. Not only that and she's always smiling and ever so jovial. So much so it makes me wonder does such a perfect person exist in the whole wide world?

A few days later, we spoke on the phone again, she said dispirited tone that the senior she mentioned to me a few days ago had met with a bus accident and passed away. From the papers I've read, I begun to realize that all these while the wonderful being my sister was talking about is none other than the late Lee Nian Ning. As much as her family and friends loved her, God loved her even more. An angel like her finally finds her home in heaven.

Emotions aside, we, as Malaysians have to stand up and fight for our rights. How much bloodshed must we wait before we finally admit we've had enough. How long since the last express bus crash before this accident that cost Nian Ning's and other lives. Lives, we're talking about, and no amount of money can buy that. We can't be apathy or have a lackadaisical attitude towards this issue. If we refuse to care and make a change, sooner or later the same might happen to our family and friends. The mistake we are bound to make will be a costly one, not unless we do our part to voice what we felt about human lives being treated ever so lightly when it comes to express buses. How long will the authorities stand back and watch many more innocent lives being taken before a solid action plan is being put into action all depends on you.

With that I wholeheartedly urge you to stop running away and head to

to file a petition on this issue so that relevant authorities can see how serious this menace is getting and draw up an elaborate and comprehensive plan to prevent more bloodshed from happening.

With that, I thank you in advance for saving lives. Who knows, it might be yours you're saving.