Monday, March 10, 2008

The Power Of The Rakyat.....

March 8 will be marked in Malaysia's history forever. BN never being defeated so jia-lat for as long as I can recall. This election marked the departure of the ignorant (jahiliah) era of Malaysia as people, regardless of ethnicity choose what they feel represents them best in the federal gahmen and the state gahmen.

Ever since 'ee lai', everything oso 'ki'. Petrol 'ki', milo 'ki', tepung 'ki', inflasi 'ki' becos wana send roket 'ki.' I can't see the point of sending a rocket to space loh. Its not like we are so 'ho giak', everyone is earning US$1000 per capita. C'mon la, we have those people in kampung living in kandang still. 1 minute say 'beh' subsidise 'lu lang' petrol liao, da next minute 'oo lui' to buy a taxi ticket to space liao.

Let this be a lesson to 'ee lang' that the rakyat is not 'che meh' 1. If they continue 'luan luan kai lui' or 'luan luan chiak lui' you see lah.... Next election, since 'ee eh neh' suka send rocket ma, next election 'wa lang ka liao' kasi hantar rocket 'hor ee'.

If 'wa kong chia uar' oso kena ISA, u guys make sure u ask Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh to 'kiu wa' ok?