Sunday, September 27, 2009

My University Malaya Graduation 2009

Hey, sorry for the long absenteeism from the Blogospace. You know la, limited time no connection is one of the reason. However in view that this post relates to an important chapter of my life. I felt the urge to post it. 

Beware of tons of photos. But if you're using broadband, i think it won't take a toll on your bandwidth, unless you're using a sucky P1 Wimax connection earlier. 

I've thought about subscribing to P1, but the connection is damn sucky that at some point it was even worse than a dial-up. Luckily for me, they have the 7 days cooling off period. So what i did was return them all the shit stuffs they gave me and ask for my RM100 back. 

Well anyway, I am back without Internet and I think I am terrified of sucky connection unless they've got some cooling off period.

So now, I am blogging from some cafe in SS2. I don't wanna mention the name cos the food and drinks aren't that great. 

Now the photos of my graduation:

Me and Melissa Loh

Norman aka "Rocky". I made it...

My two supportive sisters.

My wonderful parents who made me who I am today

Me and Chia Huei...

Me and Rachael aka Theng, Ivan and GF

Me and Rachael, and the flowers, my sister made it. Sweet~!

Me and Chee Leong with Wan Yung in between. Hehe.

Me and Chen Seng....

Me and Rose aka Siow Li. Thanks for coming esp to take pic with me. Notice the different colour of the scarf thingy. So honored to take pic with 1st class honours graduate.

Me and Mun Yee

Me and Ivan

Me and Heng Yee...

Me and Tiong Soon

Me and Azhar

These picturesque and scenic photos not taken in UM are taken in Desa Parkcity and Mutiara Damansara

That's about all. Now's nearly 12.00am. Tomorrow somemore gotta work. Oh yes, I am now working in MAA, KL. Gaji tak seberapa, can survive loh. Anyhow I miss Penang a lot. The only consolation I have is Rachael, Chen Seng, and Jason (You'll be back soon right?) is here with me in KL.