Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jogoya Japanese Buffet, Starhill Gallery


I am sure those of you who is into Japanese Buffet is familiar with the name Jogoya… It cost about RM68++ to RM88++ per pax. If you ask me is it worth it? At that price, the food still need improvement.


I went there for 1/2 price. So for me the food is ok for the price I am paying. Generally the food quality is mediocre. The cuisine aren’t Japanese enough. The sashimi, well apart from them being generous by slicing it in bigger pieces than Shogun, practically all other dishes are grill, steam, deep fried and so on.


Mini steamboat which shogun also has…


Grill eel was good. But when the crowd is packed during offer period like now, where the 2nd guest only has to pay RM9.90. Don’t expect to have it there and then.


The grill salmon head was awfully dry and overcooked…


The only consolation is the yummy coconut drink which Shogun doesn’t have and you can have it as much as you want…


Very nice sashimi compared to Shogun, as Shogun tend to slice into thinner slices then it becomes very messy.



The sushi….


Heck, they even have dim sum. Please tell me why would anyone wanna have dim sum in Jogoya?


You can choose the seafood for them to grill or steam for you… The specialty is it is freshly grill / steam instead of Shogun’s ready made dishes. But some of Shogun’s dishes are quite special, unlike the Jogoya’s steam / grill dishes.




You drop the clips into the bowl to make your order, as your clips has your table number engraved into it, they know where to send it.


For those who love ice-cream, they provide Haagen-Dazs ice cream unlimited. But if you love some popular flavour, be there early as it could run out.








Red wine and white wine also free flow… But it is some lousy table wine la…


Different alcohol cocktails also free flow. So if you wana make your money worth, you can always bank on the booze.


They have the double boil chinese herbal soup like you go to the tai chau and order one… Jogoya…


But there’s one thing, I’ve gotta give it to Jogoya, the desserts are really wonderful and it is really sinfully delicious.


I believe the pictures though not very professionally taken are enough to make you salivate like the wolves.


Again…and again….


The clip for placing the order.


They have tea for those elderly who must have tea to go with their food.


The mini burner for the mini steamboat.


Lousy red wine…


That’s all… Anyway I still prefer Shogun over Jogoya. :P

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowflake Dessert SS15, Subang Jaya

I visited the place with M sometime ago but never find time to blog about it.P1010482

It is situated opposite Asia Cafe, opens till 11.00pm daily. A bestseller would cost RM5.50 where other items cost about RM4.90 and drinks for RM3.00.


RM5.50 can be quite expensive for a  dessert but the thing is, the portion is very large and can be shared amongst two people.

Hence the crowd when it is still early…


The crowd later on….see below… *sweat


The procedure? You pay when you order. Then you’ll be given this.


which will light and vibrate itself like this when you food is ready for collection…



then voila… you go to the collection area for this…


this is the best seller, then you mix it with the creamer and it becomes like this…


Anyway it taste good… And this portion can be shared by 2. Every 5 visit, free 1 drink. Every 10 visit, free 1 dessert.

Trip to Pulau Ketam

Welcome back to my blog, after being on a hiatus for so long. Its time to come back again… after having a connection in my room


Couple months ago I went to Pulau Ketam with R after she said she wanted to go and have a look. Its funny when she say have a look. I told her I don’t think there’s anything there. So I was like,

“Alright, we’ll go all the way for you to have a look, ok?” –_-

Well anyway, it was wrong not to trust my instinct cos there is nothing there. IMHO.

The seafood aren’t particularly good. I’ll prefer Tambun anytime any day. But seafood is dirt cheap according to KL standards there. So if you guys are looking for cheap seafood, you know where to head.


We had “O  Chien”  (Fried Oyster) and “La la Chien” (Fried Lala)P1010131

then we went to some restaurant (Lok Hian) there to have more seafood.


We ordered a fish and a deep fried sotong and the bill comes up to less than RM40. Very cheap indeed considering the size of the fish.

P1010134 P1010132

Last but not least, you can observe and appreciate what simple life the villagers have there… nice experience…P1010128 P1010129 P1010138 P1010127