Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowflake Dessert SS15, Subang Jaya

I visited the place with M sometime ago but never find time to blog about it.P1010482

It is situated opposite Asia Cafe, opens till 11.00pm daily. A bestseller would cost RM5.50 where other items cost about RM4.90 and drinks for RM3.00.


RM5.50 can be quite expensive for a  dessert but the thing is, the portion is very large and can be shared amongst two people.

Hence the crowd when it is still early…


The crowd later on….see below… *sweat


The procedure? You pay when you order. Then you’ll be given this.


which will light and vibrate itself like this when you food is ready for collection…



then voila… you go to the collection area for this…


this is the best seller, then you mix it with the creamer and it becomes like this…


Anyway it taste good… And this portion can be shared by 2. Every 5 visit, free 1 drink. Every 10 visit, free 1 dessert.

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