Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trip to Pulau Ketam

Welcome back to my blog, after being on a hiatus for so long. Its time to come back again… after having a connection in my room


Couple months ago I went to Pulau Ketam with R after she said she wanted to go and have a look. Its funny when she say have a look. I told her I don’t think there’s anything there. So I was like,

“Alright, we’ll go all the way for you to have a look, ok?” –_-

Well anyway, it was wrong not to trust my instinct cos there is nothing there. IMHO.

The seafood aren’t particularly good. I’ll prefer Tambun anytime any day. But seafood is dirt cheap according to KL standards there. So if you guys are looking for cheap seafood, you know where to head.


We had “O  Chien”  (Fried Oyster) and “La la Chien” (Fried Lala)P1010131

then we went to some restaurant (Lok Hian) there to have more seafood.


We ordered a fish and a deep fried sotong and the bill comes up to less than RM40. Very cheap indeed considering the size of the fish.

P1010134 P1010132

Last but not least, you can observe and appreciate what simple life the villagers have there… nice experience…P1010128 P1010129 P1010138 P1010127

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